Load and Burn

Hi, I'm Natalie. An IF advocate and practitioner.
Kettlebell, strength training, calisthenics, jump rope, running, HIIT (Tabata) & a bunch of Metcons

Thought I’d never snatch more than 25 kg till the end of this year hahah. Coach did some magic and got it up to 30 kg tonight. happiness 😆

Front squat tonight went better than expected. I was a little sleepy and tired from work but I’ve been thinking about squatting since I woke up this morning lol. It had to be done. Finished strong with final set of 10 at 60 kg. Yes! Didn’t lose too much strength. :) accessory: 40 secs on, 20 secs off planks.

Hi all, 

I skipped day 4 of the HIIT program and did the kettlebell HIIT I posted last week. I’m getting back on my strength training today, starting with the front squat. I don’t even want to think about how much strength I have probably lost after this long ass break. I’m still trying to arrange my training so I don’t burn myself out doing too many things week after week. 

Here’s a draft:

Monday : Front Squat, Overhead Press (5x5 style) + Accessories (Planks 40:20 Tabata)

Tuesday: Climbing 

Wednesday: Olympic Lifts (C&P or Snatch) 

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Back Squat, Bench Press (5x5 style) + Accessories

On weekends I plan to do climbing or simple HIIT at home. Or just rest. I’m still not doing deadlifts as you can see. I think the oly lifts sessions are sufficient. 

Here’s to more PRs! :)  

HIIT day 3. This is a great short 18 minutes workout. Now off to shower and a horror movie!

Great climbing sesh tonight. Didn’t get to do bouldering cause the place was all wet from the heavy rain today. So this is day 2 of the 30 day HIIT. Super easy lol my usual accessory exercise after front squat was 45 secs planks for 8 sets, with 20 secs rest in between. So this is considered a very kind workout hahah.

Started today! Did Level 2. Sweating real good!


I just got back from a short break. A week’s break from any physical activities does feel like a long time. My hometown has been going through terrible weather conditions since last week, heavy rain, strong wind & floods. So I have not been out much other than work. I hate driving on rainy days, so I stayed in and spent some quality time with my kettlebells (KBs) and jump rope. 

Some of the HIIT I’ve been doing are from programs online and some I’ve made up myself. Last night I did:

1 min 8 kg KB Snatch

1 min rest

1 min 16 kg KB Goblet squat

1 min rest

1 min 8 kg KB Windmill

1 min rest

Repeat 4 times (Twice each side)

Took exactly 24 minutes. I’ll add in some bodyweight moves too if I feel like it. It’s a lot of fun. 

My brother in law introduced me to a site by Neila Rey. She has a lot of interesting bodyweight programs and challenges as well as meal plans. I’m planning to try the 30-day HIIT program soon. Looks great :D 

On the 7th day of IF today. I’ve lost about 0.5 kg so far, happy with the progress rate. I should be doing measurements though. I have been on a strength training break for more than a month. Took last month off due to a lot of travelling that I had to do for work and leisure. Planned to get back on track earlier this month but I ended up just doing just Metcon/ HIIT because I’m currently doing rock climbing regularly (3 times/week) too. 

I’ll write up a better training plan for next month and hopefully I can follow the plan better. Pretty sure my squatting weight has gone down but I’m glad that my performance in Metcons is still good. I’m also jumping rope more often now, some sessions are up to an hour long (with short breaks,of course). 

I have more rest days now and I think it is doing my body a lot of good. I just don’t train on days when I feel really off. Usually I’d feel a lot better the next day and ready to train again.

Jump rope over jogging anydayyy. 

A little update on my training. 

The last post was like a week away from me feeling super burned out. My squats were so ugly and so hard to complete. I had to re-rack the 65 kg front squats for 10 reps; like 4 reps *re-rack* 2 reps *re-rack*, just really ugly. And my back squat was incredibly slow and it felt like it took forever to finish just one set of 8 reps for 80 kg. Soreness was all over my body and my knees were achy, my shoulders were stiff, I just felt exhausted and tired all the time. 

I  would have gone on and did the heavy week. But luckily I had a track and field meet (I was competing in javelin and shot put) and had to stop lifting for a week to train for the meet. And then I took another week off to do just metcons and HIIT stuff. 

This week I started another cycle. Basically re-doing the last cycle since I didn’t finish it, starting with the same weights. 65 kg front squats felt much better, didn’t have to re-rack. And I was sore at the right places. 

My oly lifting class was great too. Made some progress on the transition for snatch.

So I guess, I have to keep tabs on how I’m feeling physically and mentally so I don’t get burned-out again. I’m feeling better now. I’m making sure that I’m eating enough and resting enough if not more. 

Happy lifting!