Load and Burn

Hi, I'm Natalie. An IF advocate and practitioner.
Kettlebell, strength training, calisthenics, jump rope, running, HIIT (Tabata) & a bunch of Metcons

Jump rope over jogging anydayyy. 

A little update on my training. 

The last post was like a week away from me feeling super burned out. My squats were so ugly and so hard to complete. I had to re-rack the 65 kg front squats for 10 reps; like 4 reps *re-rack* 2 reps *re-rack*, just really ugly. And my back squat was incredibly slow and it felt like it took forever to finish just one set of 8 reps for 80 kg. Soreness was all over my body and my knees were achy, my shoulders were stiff, I just felt exhausted and tired all the time. 

I  would have gone on and did the heavy week. But luckily I had a track and field meet (I was competing in javelin and shot put) and had to stop lifting for a week to train for the meet. And then I took another week off to do just metcons and HIIT stuff. 

This week I started another cycle. Basically re-doing the last cycle since I didn’t finish it, starting with the same weights. 65 kg front squats felt much better, didn’t have to re-rack. And I was sore at the right places. 

My oly lifting class was great too. Made some progress on the transition for snatch.

So I guess, I have to keep tabs on how I’m feeling physically and mentally so I don’t get burned-out again. I’m feeling better now. I’m making sure that I’m eating enough and resting enough if not more. 

Happy lifting! 

Some back squat action from last night. Struggled a little, maybe I was feeling a little tired than usual or my progress is slowing. But it felt pretty good. Experimented with stance width and angle of my feet. Still trying to find the best position to squat stronger without affecting my knees. I’ve also tried a bit of the Chinese squat style, where the knee is pushed in slightly to recruit more of the quads. Been progressing with 10 kg every cycle for the past few months but this cycle might be a little less; 5 kg. I’m totally okay with that. 

A little commentary by my friend on the video haha. She got the weight wrong, it was 70 kg not 75 kg as planned. 

Jon North Clean Analysis. 

This is helpful. Plenty to work on for me. 


I’ve officially started my cut today. Doing the 16/8 IF. 

It’s been a great recovery week, did a few metcons and practised my Olympic lifts. Mostly the cleans. I’ve only started doing cleans like a month ago, so I’m making little progress since my main focus is on powerlifting. But I’m going to incorporate more Oly lifts in this cycle because I love them so much. They’re certainly not easy but with more training I’m sure I can improve. 

So far I can clean 43kg properly with the full squat. Several problems that I’ve noticed being a little weak/slow and will continue to work on:

1) Explosion on the 2nd pull 

2) Full extension!

3) Speed of getting under the bar

4) Confidence & don’t overthink the lift lol

Number 4 is a huge problem for me right now hahah. I just think about the pulls a lot while doing them and I just lose concentration in the middle of it all. And number 3 is probably the main problem for me, my coach said I could clean up to 60 kg with my current strength progress. I’m still nervous going up to 45 kg, hahah don’t even talk about 60 kg. It’s also probably because I haven’t been doing proper deadlifts for 7 months, my posterior chain needs a little more warming up. WIll work on it!

5th cycle begins on Monday. Happy lifting! 

This week is the end of my 4th cycle. Supposed to have trained last night, but I was feeling so tired and so sore. Decided to skip it and train today instead. 

I’m also preparing for a track and field meet next month. I’ll be joining the individual javelin and shot put open. Hoping to perform better this year, because back in 2012 I got a silver medal (w/o proper strength training) for the javelin event. If I could do better, that would be awesome. 

Also slacking a little on the meal prep section, didn’t do my grocery shopping in the weekend. Ate out for breakfast. I’ll be shopping tonight, going back on track immediately haha. Had also increased my food intake for the past few days (more carbs) because I was feeling exhausted a lot and super sore. Much better today though. Rests always help and rolling!. 

I think my decision to replace heavy OHP with Metcons is a good one. But damn, those crossfit metcons (or as they call it WOD) are crayy. But so much fun to do. And I still cannot do the double unders properly. Forever single undering~

Ready to hit some PR tonight on front squats. bye! x

Whoa a sudden surge of followers. Hello. Here’s a throwback. Been working on getting from crow to crane pose. 

Last night was my first time doing metcon with barbell movements. The list was: 

7 barbell rows

7 hang cleans

7 front squats

7 overhead press

7 back squats

for 5 rounds. 2 mins rest in between each round. 

With increase of 20 lbs and 10 lbs each consecutive round. 

It was such a hot night and I think I didn’t really hydrate properly. My back muscle went into a spasm somewhere in the 3rd round haha. I had to stick to lighter weights but I finished the 5 rounds.Could also be the side effects of visiting my chiro for an adjustment the day before. I had a slight misalignment in my hip which caused tightness in my piriformis/ butt! Felt it right after front squatting on Monday. Reminder: Stretching and foam rolling! 

I wish to do this metcon again and I want to improve my time. Totally sucked last night. Took longer than expected.

End of the 3rd cycle of training. I’ve decided to change my program a little, instead of doing front overhead press and behind neck overhead press, I will add HIIT/ MetCon on those OHP days. I’m keeping the front and back squats cause they’re super FUN. 

The academy is getting new equipment which includes battling ropes!,  new med balls, new barbells, new plates ohmygod. Heaven!! I’m never going home ever again bahaha. 

A rough look at my training: 

Monday - Front Squats + Accessories 

Tuesday - Wall-climbing/ HIIT

Wednesday - Back Squats + Accessories 

Thursday - Wall-Climbing/ HIIT 

Friday- HIIT

Note that I’m still not doing deadlifts. But I’m learning clean and jerk at the moment, so at least I can get some pull action from cleans. And on weekends I can do whatever I feel like I wanna do. 


3rd cycle progress on front squat: 65 kg 6 rep max for 3 sets. Super sore on my upper back today and my quads too. Feels great to be able to finish the sets!

I was practicing my cleans, my form is so much better after a week of practice. And then I increased the weight and was doing great. I’m not used to throwing the bar to the ground, lost my grip when lowering the bar down and tried to stop the bar from crashing down loudly with my shin. So smart.